“City Center” Brings Service to a Whole New Level for Sioux Falls Residents, Visitors, and Employees

City services will be taken to a whole new level for residents and businesses when the new City Center opens this summer with the aim of centralizing departments that serve them into a “government corridor” in downtown Sioux Falls. Public officials cut the ribbon on the building today, and it will be fully staffed and open for business on Monday, June 25.

“This grand investment will provide the best in service and pride for our citizens and employees for generations to come. Over 80 years is a long time to wait since building our grand old City Hall in 1935, but the wait and effort is worth it,” says Mayor Mike Huether.

The $21.9 million project at 231 North Dakota Avenue includes two finished stories, a third-story shell, footings and foundations for a future fourth floor, underground parking and storage, improvements to Van Eps Park, and the Dakota Avenue Road Diet. Construction will continue at Van Eps Park until early August. The brand new park will include a shelter and walkways, enhanced lighting and landscaping, trees, a sculpture, and irrigated green space.

The name “City Center” was chosen for the building after interviews with City employees, City Councilors, City Council staff, Minnehaha County staff, and several Sioux Falls residents to get their viewpoints and opinions. The building will be the center of the local government corridor, the center of business, the center of City government, and is almost exactly in the center of the city. The word “administration” was eliminated from the name to avoid confusion with the County Administration Building. Improved wayfinding signs along Dakota Avenue also will help direct the public to City services across the government corridor.

Between now and June 25, the building will undergo some final touches, landscaping, and furniture and technology installations. The occupancy plan allows room for growth in both the new building and at City Hall and will increase collaboration between areas that frequently interact. Licensing, Parks and Recreation Administration, Planning and Building Services, Engineering, and Public Works Administration all will be housed at City Center, totaling about 125 City employees. Fire Prevention, Public Parking, Utility Billing, City Attorney’s Office, Mayor’s Office, Affordable Housing, Community Development, Human Resources, and Finance will be centralized to City Hall.

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