Year-end Building Permit Totals for 2018

Sioux Falls experienced its sixth straight year of record breaking construction activity in 2018. The construction valuation for building permits issued by Building Services in 2018 reached $786,599,655 for the year, an increase of 6.39 percent from 2017.

“Sioux Falls continues to thrive and grow as you can see from another record year of growth,” says Mike Cooper, City of Sioux Falls Director and Planning and Development Services. “Although the number of permits issued were slightly down, our steady and manageable growth in 2018 is another chapter in the success story that is Sioux Falls.”

Housing construction continued to grow in 2018 for working families. There were 672 new single-family dwellings permitted in 2018, 403 town house dwelling units permitted, and 945 new multifamily dwelling units permitted.

In 2018 there were 128 building permits issued for new commercial buildings, which consisted of 45 new apartment buildings and 83 building permits issued for all other new commercial buildings. The total construction valuation for new commercial buildings in 2018 was $302.2 million. For 2018, the remaining new commercial buildings included $19.2 million for manufacturing, $93.7 million for office, educational, and institutional occupancies; and $96.7 million for all other commercial buildings.

Notable large projects permitted in 2018 included:
• Avera on Louise Specialty Campus $54,500,000
• Minnehaha County Jail $40,684,375
• Citi $26,781,624
• Cascade Lofts $23,800,000
• Village on the River $18,187,880
• Silverthorne Apartments $18,015,303
• West 41st Street Commons $15,978,856
• Fleet Farm $15,928,000
• Smithfield Holding Barn $14,488,000
• Win Chill Addition $13,500,000
• Sanford Great Shots $11,469,528
• Sioux Falls Lutheran Schools $10,500,000

More information is available online at including year-by-year trends.