Water Conservation Tips

Find more tips to conserve water at the links below.

Outdoor Water Conservation Video

Water Conservation Tips

Downtown Storm Inlet Art Project

The City of Sioux Falls’ storm sewer system is an important public utility and the Storm Inlet Art Project is being done to raise awareness that only rainwater should go into the drainage system.

Downtown Storm Inlet Art Project

The Native Prairie Project

The Native Prairie Project (NPP) aims to create spaces for native vegetation and intends to improve water and air quality, beautify the landscape, reduce erosion, and provide habitat for native wildlife. 

The Native Prairie Project

Sioux Falls Green Business Program

The City of Sioux Falls offers a Green Business Program to help businesses streamline efficiencies and become more sustainable. Click the link below to learn more.

Green Business

Pet Waste Program

The secret is out that pet waste, when not picked up, is a form of pollution. The issues that result from improper pet waste disposal can have serious implications when it finds its way into local lakes, rivers, and streams. Click the link below to learn more about pet waste, the issues it causes, and how the City is working to reduce this pollutant.

Pet Waste Program
Animal Waste Information

Only Rain to Drain – Stormwater Awareness

The Big Sioux River provides great benefit to our community. Let’s do our part to keep this vital resource clean. Report illicit discharges to the City storm sewer at 367-8198.

Only Rain to Drain – Stormwater Information and Helpful Hints
Stormwater – Learn more about the City’s Stormwater Program

Water Quality

The City of Sioux Falls with the Central Big Sioux River Watershed coalition developed a Water-Quality Master Plan. This master plan is tool intended to be a watershed-scale, decision-support model to facilitate prioritization and placement of Best Management Practices within the watershed that are the most cost effective and provide the greatest water quality benefits.

Water Quality Master Plan
Surface Water Quality of the Big Sioux River Watershed
Total Maximum Daily Load for the Big Sioux River

What We Do

The Public Works Environmental Division is a small but dedicated team of environmental professionals committed to providing leadership in environmental management while continuing to provide the highest level of service to our customers and community. The Environmental Division also works to educate Sioux Falls on environmental matters through its Leading Green Initiative. Together this team’s charge is to protect and enhance the Sioux Falls environment through the management of responsible and reasonable local codes, standards and educational programming.

How We Do It

We achieve our goals by administering and managing a variety of programs focused on environmental areas of concern. Major programs administered or managed by the Environmental Division are the Industrial Pretreatment Program, Recycling Program, Stormwater Program and Sustainability Program (Leading Green). Our division also provides environmental assistance, regulatory and administrative services to our customers in the following areas: air quality, biosolids, brownfields, environmental assessments, groundwater, hazardous waste, pollution prevention, risk management, solid waste, surface water quality and spill prevention. Our activities are performed in a manner to help ensure that the City and our regulated community comply with the appropriate environmental standards with the goal to protect the environment and reduce environmental liabilities. Successful compliance is achieved through teamwork, public education, technical assistance, inspections, self-audits and code enforcement.

The City of Sioux Falls through its Environmental Division is committed to promoting environmental responsibility as an organization as well as emphasizing environmental awareness to all interested parties and stakeholders.